Manilva is located at the southern western edge of the province of Malaga, on the border with Cadiz, just after Estepona. The town is split into two parts, the seaside resort and the charming whitewashed, sleepy village, located just 3 kilometres up a hill from the coast.

The village itself, which is the original Manilva, is bordered by a wonderful vineyard of Muscatel Grapes, which are mainly used for making sweet wine. Down on the coastal city, Manilva has managed to retain its small village mentality, opting out of excessive development. The beaches in the Manilva area are some of the best on the Costa del Sol, and remain fairly uncrowded during the summer months.


Being located on the Costa del Golf, means that Manilva is located within an area with a high density of golf courses, including: La Duquesa, Alemnara in Sotogrande, Alcaidesa Golf in San Roque, Doña Julia in Casares and El Paraiso in Estepona, to name just a few. Manilva offers a perfect central location to reach the many golf courses on the Costa del Sol.


The cool waters of the dark underground plunge pool may look uninviting, but there's no better way of cleansing your skin of the rich natural mud you smeared on yourself minutes early and allowed to bake hard in the searing sunshine. Free, simple and enjoyable for the entire family, these baths are Manilva's (or Casares’s) the greatest hidden treasure.


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